Modern And Practical Steel Bridge

Modern And Practical Steel Bridge

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Steel bridge is a bridge whose main bearing structure is steel,it is applied to the field of national defense combat readiness and transportation engineering.

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Steel bridge is a bridge whose main bearing structure is steel, also named steel structure bridge . Fabricated steel bridges have been widely used all over the world. The original fabricated steel bridge was designed by British engineer Donald Bailey at the beginning of World War II in 1938. The main design concept is to assemble the fabricated steel bridge with the least kinds of unit components to carry various loads , which only needs to be transported by general medium-sized trucks, and can be built by manpower under special circumstances.But now,it can be designed freely according to the needs,the length can reach more than ten meters while the weight is several tons or more for one component .And advanced machinery played an important role in the construction.With the development of technology,overhead bridge,metro,overpass and so on are very convenient for us,which is changing our lives a great deal.

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steel bridge
Overhead bridge

The Features

1. The seismic performance and wind resistance are good.It can absorb a large amount of energy through deformation to prevent the bridge from collapsing in the earthquake.
2. The construction is like "building blocks". The speed is fast, and the construction period is short.
3. The construction is basically not affected by the weather. Even in bad weather, the components can be fabricated in factory,then transported to the construction site for installation.
4. Large-span construction can be carried out, with a wide range of applications and good applicability.
5.It’s easy to assemble and disassemble. The components are mainly connected by bolts, If you need to remove it , just remove the bolts directly, and all the steel can be reused in other buildings.
6.The steel recovered from the bridge can be refurbished, effectively saving steel resources.

The Application

1.Overhead Bridge
4.Landscape bridge
5.Other functions bridge as request

Technical Specification

Standard GB.If others,pls indicate in advance.
Place of Origin Qingdao city,China
Certificate SGS, ISO ,CE ,etc.
Size As required
Steel grade Q235 or Q355
Surface Treatment Painted or galvanized
Color of paint Mid-gray,white,blue or as required
Main material Steel pipe truss,heavy steel structure,grid structure,etc.
Accessories High strengthen bolt,normal bolt,etc.
Design parameters Wind load,snow load,the degree of earthquake,etc.
Design software PKPM,Tekla,3D3S,Auto CAD,SketchUp etc.
Service Guide Installation or construction on Site

Process Description

1.Design process:
(1)As a public building,safety is the most important.So,the materials to be used must be good waterproof and fireproof.
(2)The wind load,snow load,the degree of earthquake(the maxinium in the past 50 years in noraml )should be considered when design.Ensure the safety of the shopping mall from the design source!
(3)For such steel building, beautiful appearance is requested.Thus,it should be considered when design.
(4)More than 100 senior engineers will provide professional support by PKPM,Tekla,3D3S,Auto CAD,SketchUp etc.
2.Production process
For such steel structure,high accuracy is damanded.All-round factory quality control of materials, processing, and welding must be carried out to ensure the quality of the components.
The most skilled workers will participate in the full manufacture ,on the other hand,the advanced equipments contribute to it.
3.Installation process
The construction can be accomplished by us or by yourself.If us,Professional engineer and skilled workers will go to the site.Otherwise,video and pictures will be sent for reference.

steel structure  equipment
production process (1)
production process (2)

Packaging &Delivery

Packaging Details:
Steel frame will be packaged by customized steel pallet;
Fasten accerssories packing in wood carton;
Or as required
Normally is 40’HQ container.If you have specifical requirements,40GP and 20GP container are ok.
Qingdao port,China.
Or other ports as required.
Delivery time:
45-60 days after deposit or L/C received and the drawing is confirmed by buyer.Pls disscuss with us to decide it.

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